5 Brilliant Travel Buys For Disabled Travellers

Not confident about travelling? Don’t worry, here’s our wheelchair-user expert, Shama Noorani, sharing her list of travel essentials that have helped her conquer the world, while travelling solo.

Meet Shama Noorani

Meet our expert, Shama Noorani

Travelling and packing go hand in hand; clothes, toileteries, books, make up, etc., are similar packing items for most travellers. But as a disabled traveller, I travel with the above as well as other ‘travelability’ items that help in making my holiday worry-free and independent. As most people, I also have a check-list that I go through every time I travel, ensuring that I have a worry-free time away from home! Here’s my must-carry list

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#1 Travel Sling

The ignorance of airport handlers as far as loading me on and off my seat is concerned, has always been an anxiety for me while travelling. Not only can it sometimes be a traumatic  experience, if touched inappropriately, it can also be an extremely painful one, taking a few days for the body to heal. I had no idea that a travel sling was the way out from the above until I saw a friend use one. I have now fabricated one of my own and look forward to being transferred, however many times required!

How Much It Costs & Where You Can Find It

The sling is easily available on online shopping sites; you can find it on eBay starting at Rs 3,200.

Look up for mobility sheet on ebay

For buying travel slings, look up mobility sheet on eBay. Picture credit: ebay.com

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#2 Cushions

There are three types of cushions that travel everywhere with me – a normal 12-inch cushion, a neck cushion, and the third an orthopaedic one.

I place the normal cushion in the space between the small of my back and the aircraft seat for support, as some backrests are more concave than others. This can end up giving you a pain in the back, especially if it’s a long journey.

The neck pillow ensures that I get the best sleep when I am flying. Once this is around my neck I can sleep, comfortable in the knowledge that I will not unconsciously be requiring my neighbour’s shoulder to rest my head!

The orthopaedic cushion is placed on any wheelchair I transfer to from my power chair, as I cannot handle being seated on the sagging seats of most manual wheelchairs available at airports. This cushion doubles up as a height raiser when placed on the seat, as I am 5-foot-nothing, and almost always don’t reach the headrest without it.

How Much It Costs & Where You Can Find It

This handy orthopaedic cushion is easily available. You can find it on Amazon starting at Rs 2,500.

Orthopaedic cushions are a boon when it comes to tackling sagging wheelchairs. Picture credit: Amazon.com

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#3 Toilet Seat

The over-the-toilet seat is the best discovery I made years ago. It folds up flat, is easy to carry in the hold, easy to assemble and rock steady once set up. My toilet seat not only gives me the height that I require to transfer on and off various WCs, but it also doubles up as a shower chair as I don’t trust the shower seats attached to the wall in some hotels.

How Much It Costs & Where You Can Find It

To get the best, look at buying from special online shops. You can find it on patienthandling.com starting at Rs 6,000.


Search for over toilet aids for this handy travel essential

Search for over toilet aids when buying this travel essential. Picture credit: patienthandling.com

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#4 Non-Slip Bathroom Mats

Non-slip bathroom mats with suction pads are an absolute must as I place these not only in the bathroom but also in the bedroom near the bed. These are a significant part of my luggage as they ensure a very high degree of safety for me when I stand to transfer, preventing me from slipping on wet or even dry floors that are glossy or polished.

How Much It Costs & Where You Can Find It

These handy bathroom mats are freely available. You can find it on Amazon for Rs 1,536.

Take it from me, these mats are very handy

Take it from me, these amazing bathroom mats are handy lifesavers. Picture credit: amazon.com

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#5 Helping Hand

Finally, one of the most ingenious inventions – the helping hand! I never have to ask anyone for help to pick up something that has fallen down on the floor nor do I require assistance to reach for something sitting higher than I can reach. Most of these helping hands have a magnet at the tip to help in picking up metal objects such as coins or pins. In fact, I have also used this magnet to pull out aerosol cans that have rolled further than I can reach.

How Much It Costs & Where You Can Find It

Looking for your own helping hand? You can find it on eBay starting at Rs 2,277.

Pick up reaching tool, the handiest thing ever invented. Picture credit: ebay.com

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Well, that’s it from me. Do let me know in the comment section below if you have any other travel essentials on your packing list.

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Passionate about accessible travelling for all. Shama Noorani strongly believes that 'There ain't no mountain high enough. There is always a way , never give up, believe in yourself and make your dream a reality'.

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