7 Reasons To Gift Your Parents A Getaway

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They may be ageing but they’re still young at heart. If you’re worried about sending your mum and dad off on a getaway, don’t be. Diana Kotwal shows you how to make it happen.

Your parents have done well, haven’t they? They raised you from scratch. Taught you how to behave in polite society. Healed your many cuts, scrapes and ego bruises. Fed you till your seams burst. And even helped you master shoelaces. The list is endless.

You’re older now; you’re the one in charge and it’s their time to relax. They might love to witness the architectural gems, traverse a whole new country or maybe unwind by the beach. Encourage them to do things they wished they could when they were younger. They don’t have to worry about falling behind or missing out anymore. Because Enable Travel offers senior citizens, especially those with special needs, an opportunity to travel across the globe.

So here’s your chance to reward your folks for all they’ve done. Gift them a glorious holiday packed with fun, food, laughter and wonder. A holiday where age will not hinder the chance to make some beautiful, life-altering memories.

Here’s how Enable Travel makes it easier for the senior citizen to get around.

#1 Easy access. Anywhere.

Rear-entry vans with portable ramps make the journey safe and comfortable

Rear-entry vans with portable ramps make the journey safe and comfortable

Has your mother always wanted to look at the Taj Mahal in all its glory? Has your father secretly harboured a desire to visit coffee plantations in Coorg? Who says they can’t do both? Enable Travel’s rear-entry vans, with portable ramps and safety gear for wheelchair-users, ensures your parents can have a comfortable journey. Moreover, the drivers are trained to work with ramps and people in wheelchairs. Once you arrive, the ramps are rolled out on trips where accessibility is required, putting once-inaccessible locations within reach for the elderly. So when the Taj Mahal takes your mother’s breath away, it won’t be from exhaustion.

#2 Hiking isn’t an uphill task anymore

You needn't worry about slopes and steps anymore

You needn’t worry about slopes and steps anymore

 There’s nothing quite like the view from the top of a mountain. The air is clear, crisp and cool. The natural scenery is painted with the brightest, most beautiful shades Mother Nature can offer. And your heart pounds rapidly with joy and a sense of accomplishment. The climb up isn’t reserved for the young anymore, your parents can make their way up, assisted by helpers and single-wheel hiking chairs.

#3 Discover new depths, underwater

Lounge by the shore or unwind in the pool, the amphibian chair let's you hit the water!

Lounge by the shore or unwind in the pool, the amphibian chair let’s you hit the water!

Your parents may have considered swimming pools and ocean water as unchartered territory in the past. But bring out the flag, for they are about to explore a whole new world. With the amphibian wheelchair, your parents can safely and comfortably relax, unwind and feel their cares melt away in the water. It’s liberating, yet thrilling. The amphibian wheelchair can also be used as a sun lounger, so don’t forget to pack the sunglasses!

#4 Custom holidays, just the way you like it

You don’t have to worry about hotels, or sightseeing locations, or transportation; we have your parents’ back. Whether it’s easy access rooms or qualified guides to show your parents around town, there is nothing that will stop them from having the time of their lives.

#5 You get a break too

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life. You may be 36 years old, but you’re still required by parental law to ‘call when you reach’, to eat all your greens before you’re entitled to desert, and wear the sweater your mother so lovingly knitted on that big, important business trip with your boss. It’s time they got on that plane. Book them a holiday, and get the house, more importantly the TV remote, to yourself. Lie back and pop open a cold drink with the assurance your parents are well looked after.

#6 Let them rediscover each other

Remind them, they're a couple!

Remind them, they’re a couple!

Your mum and dad are programmed to put you first. They’ve been co-parents for so long, they’ve forgotten how to be a couple. And now that you can feed yourself without the assistance of a bib, it might be time to reignite their relationship. Whether it’s a romantic trip to London or a sensual holiday in Berlin, a little alone time filled with laughter and memories will bring them closer to each other. Hey, it’s the least you could do for getting between them to begin with.

#7 Find their long lost sense of wonder

Do your parents seem a little jaded? Nothing thrills them anymore? Everything’s a bore? Right. Step up to the challenge and prove them wrong. Have them feast their eyes on the whimsical Supertree Grove at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, witness the pretty pink palaces and grand forts in Jaipur, or be filled with awe at seeing the Pyramid of Giza. Parents. Mind. Blown.

Parents deserve this break. It’s time you give them a chance to put themselves before you. Age should not be the deciding factor in planning a holiday, after all everyone deserves to experience the pleasures associated with travel.

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