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Why Indian Sign Language (ISL) Tour Guides Are Important!

access_timeMarch 29, 2018 2800

Our deaf travel expert Dr. Alim Chandani, explains the role of Sign Language (ISL) Tour Guide in both the travel industry and the deaf community.

Deaf Awareness Week Special: Things You Always Wanted To Know

access_timeSeptember 22, 2017 5668

In the honour of Deaf Awareness Week, our deaf expert, Dr. Alim Chandani, has put together a video that showcases the beauty of sign language.

How To Make India Accessible For The Deaf

access_timeAugust 17, 2017 5114

Accessibility is a word generally associated with a wheelchair user but what about the deaf. How can we make India more accessible for them? Our

Taking on the Rapids at Rishikesh – A #CanDo Story

access_timeJune 7, 2017 8989

On 2nd May, 34 deaf students took on a challenge to face the rapids in Rishikesh, and boy were they successful! Watch our deaf expert

Golden Temple, Wagah Border & More: Amritsar In Pictures!

access_timeApril 28, 2017 2104

Visiting Amritsar after more than a decade, Dr Alim Chandani had a lot to see and do. As a deaf traveller, and with a camera