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Friendship Day Special: An Accessible Friend

access_timeAugust 4, 2017 8514

Business partner, classmate, travel companion, support system; Salil plays a million roles in Rustom Irani’s life, but none bigger than that of a friend. This

Misadventures Of A Vision-Impaired Foodie In Goa

access_timeJune 29, 2017 9680

Everyone loves surprises, well, almost everyone! Our blind expert, Preeti Monga, has had some hilarious encounters with food that have made her completely averse to

Wheeling Enable – The Beach Survival Guide For Wheelies!

access_timeJune 28, 2017 1251

When our wheelchair-bound expert, Rustom Irani, visited the beach after 30 years he didn’t know what to expect. The result? Tanned legs, lost camera and

Wheels Walkie Talkie: My Checklist For Travelling Solo On A Plane!

access_timeJune 22, 2017 11563

Strong-willed and confident, with a fierce passion for travel, our expert, Shama Noorani has learnt never to give up. Read on to know what she

Taking on the Rapids at Rishikesh – A #CanDo Story

access_timeJune 7, 2017 8814

On 2nd May, 34 deaf students took on a challenge to face the rapids in Rishikesh, and boy were they successful! Watch our deaf expert

Wheels Walkie Talkie: Secure all the way!

access_timeMay 25, 2017 8331

Strong-willed and confident with a fierce passion for travel, our expert, Shama Noorani has never learnt to give up. Read on to know what she

Diving For the Disabled? #CanDo

access_timeMay 25, 2017 8386

Mumbai hosted its first-ever Underwater Diving Festival and it was completely accessible! Our expert, Virali Modi, was there and she can’t stop gushing about the

6 Essential Holiday Tips For Vision-Impaired Travellers

access_timeMay 23, 2017 10486

It only takes a broken cane or the wrong kind of shoes to turn your happy journey into a (mis)adventure. But Preeti Monga, our visually

Golden Temple, Wagah Border & More: Amritsar In Pictures!

access_timeApril 28, 2017 1882

Visiting Amritsar after more than a decade, Dr Alim Chandani had a lot to see and do. As a deaf traveller, and with a camera

My Flight To Freedom

access_timeApril 28, 2017 4127

Join Preeti Monga as she pulls a page out of her diary narrates one of her best childhood memories. Hint: It’s all about travel! Hello