Deaf Awareness Week Special: Things You Always Wanted To Know

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In the honour of Deaf Awareness Week, our deaf expert, Dr. Alim Chandani, has put together a video that showcases the beauty of sign language.

PS: It puts to rest the questions you might have always wanted to ask a deaf person but were too hesitant to ask!

Every year, a special celebration called International Week of the Deaf is held during the last week of September, to recognize deaf communities around the world.

The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) stated this initiative in 1958 in Rome, Italy, to raise awareness and advocate human rights issues surrounding the deaf. This year the theme by WFD is, ‘Full Inclusion with Sign Language’.

In India, the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) is celebrating by hosting a conference on the theme, by inviting three honorary deaf guests from Europe, including the Vice-President of WFD, Dr. Joseph Murray.

Enable Travel has joined in sponsoring the conference with NAD. I am thrilled to see the collaboration between these two organisations.

To spread awareness about deaf culture in India, I discussed with my trainers at Centum-GRO Initiative the questions they normally get asked by hearing people in India. And we created a short film using those responses to get a better understanding of what we, deaf individuals #CanDo.

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Alim Chandani

Dr. Alim Chandani, is currently the Associate Vice President of Centum—GRO initiative, which focuses on skilling the Deaf for advanced employment opportunities in India. He has graduated with a Doctorate Degree in Special Education Management from Gallaudet University in Washington DC.

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