Did You Know Supersonic 2018 Was Accessible For Wheelchair Users?

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This February, our wheelchair travel expert Virali Modi attended the Supersonic event held at Laxmi grounds, Pune. Here’s where she tells us how accessible the event was for wheelchair users.

Meet Virali (seated) posing for the camera with her friends at Supersonic, 2018

Meet Virali (seated) posing for the camera with her friends at Supersonic, Feb 2018

Being wheelchair bound, I’ve always been hesitant on attending such events. When I found out about the festival via Twitter, I contacted Nikhil Chinapa, the mastermind behind Supersonic. He told me that the festival was accessible for wheelchair users and connected me to the marketing company, ViaCom18. After speaking to them, I realised that it wasn’t entirely accessible; it could improve remarkably. So, Enable Travel partnered with Supersonic to become India’s first accessible music festival! My next step was to check out the festival to see how accessible it really was and if other people with disabilities would show up. The child in me grew excited when I saw the Supersonic logo near the entrance. My dream was coming true and I couldn’t wait to experience the head-banging music.

I truly was surprised with how accessible the event was. It had elevated stages built throughout the festival to watch the performances and they were barricaded, so others wouldn’t run onto the stage. Much to my surprise, there was an accessible washroom as well as accessible ticket counters.

Most of the festival was truly accessible, the only problem that I faced were the gravel paved pathways to get into the washroom and to get near the food counters. There were some speed breakers throughout the festival, albeit small, that made it a bit difficult to move around independently.

What I loved about the event was its people; I went alone – foolish, I know. But there were people who  came up to me to talk, dance, and appreciated me coming out to have a good time. I think even they acknowledge the fact that those with disabilities don’t step out  much or maybe at all. I made friends there and ended up hanging out with them for entire three days. I think that’s the spirit of music festivals, they unite people from different walks of life and that’s amazing!

My whole experience at Supersonic was phenomenal and I would do this all over again if I had the chance to. Enable Travel made it accessible for people with disabilities, encouraging them to step out and enjoy some great music. I experienced it, and now you can too! Music festivals are amazing in the way that they can change your perspective on life. I say that because I’ve been smiling ever since I’ve attended the event. It definitely is worth having an experience so astounding!

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Virali Modi

I’m a motivational speaker, writer, model, aspiring actress, and a disability rights advocate with a witty personality and an undying love for elephants. I also forgot to mention, I’m disabled, like that really matters.

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