Enable Travel Stands Proud On India’s 72nd Independence Day

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This Independence Day, our avid traveller and guest writer Rustom Irani shares how Enable Travel not only empowers accessible travel but has taken initiatives to create awareness about the disabled community. Enable Travel has hosted social gatherings where people share their travel stories, run campaigns that imposed restaurants to use wheelchair ramps and brought adaptive bowling to Bengaluru, the very first accessible bowling event in India. Here’s Rustom sharing his thoughts on Enable Travel paving the way for the disabled community on India’s 72nd Independence Day.

Of accessible travel, ramping restaurants, adaptive bowling and more!

A still from our fun times at Travel Tales

Today, we as a nation turn 72 but we, it’s disabled citizens still have to play catch-up. Every year holds a promise of inclusion and accessibility, every decade proves otherwise. Yet, we go on. Trying to voice our rights, rallying our fellow disabled and gaining whatever few inches come our way.

In the last few years however, the inches have given way to feet, strides have been made and disability is becoming more mainstream. While organisations, governments and individuals have created initiatives and dialogue, the need of the hour still continues to be about piecing together what was lacking in the decades lost.

Enable Travel is now a year and a half, and in these 18 months we’ve focused on accessible travel being the only avenue to make up for the lost decades on disability awareness, but have channeled our efforts to doing so much more.

We had over a hundred deaf individuals test their spirit of adventure and endurance with white water rafting in the Rishikesh. Inclov, our official one-of-its-kind matchmaking platform partner for the disabled, successfully brought about normalcy in an otherwise unheard of social situation, i.e., getting the disabled to find true love or just try out their romance quotient.

From ensuring that restaurants use wheelchair ramps  to let us enter their premises, to social engagement meet ups with Enable Tales, and rounding off with our recent and India’s first adaptive bowling event we are growing, making up for decades lost. Enable Travel is saying it loud and clear;  though we are only a year-and-a-half old, we have earned the right to stand proud in the 72nd year of Independent India.

Here’s Enable Travel wishing one and all a Happy Independence Day! Let’s work together on making this nation more inclusive and accessible.

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Rustom Irani

Founder and Creative Head of MoniePlant Productions, Rustom Irani was confined to a wheelchair after a motorbike accident at age nine. Despite this disadvantage, he has travelled across four continents and believes that a vacation is something to look forward to rather than something that you need to avoid. In keeping with this spirit, Rustom is dedicated to offering solutions and making travel more accessible for disabled travellers.

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