How Travel Makes The Disabled Independent

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11 years ago, life almost came to a standstill for Virali Modi after she met with an accident. While she was in coma, living off a ventilator, absolutely no one thought she would trick death and come back to life and how! The incident only left her with double the strength and a new perspective towards life. Read on to find out how travel changed her life, and for the good. 

Meet Virali Modi, our Enable Travel expert

Meet Virali Modi, our Enable Travel expert

“You get to experience different cultures, traditions, morals…”

Most people don’t believe me when I tell them that I’ve traveled to 42 states in the USA, as well as Canada, Europe, Africa, Dubai, South Korea, Thailand, and most of North and West of India. Surprising, isn’t it, considering that I am completely wheelchair bound? I fell in love with travel when I was 11 and flew to India and then back to home to the States all by myself. That’s when I understood how independent travel made me feel. Experiencing different cultures, understanding different traditions, values, morals, and languages are important and exhilarating. Ever since then, I promised myself that I’d travel as much as possible.

And Virali ticks off an item from her bucket list at Tiger Zoo, Thailand

And Virali ticks off an item from her bucket list at Tiger Zoo, Thailand

“You get the satisfaction of doing things you never would, otherwise”

When I became disabled, I was distraught at first because I thought I’d never be able to travel and experience life the way I had when I was walking. That’s when I changed my mentality, mainly because I didn’t want to give up on life and my love of exploring because of a disability that I had no control over. Of course, I did do my research beforehand, but I prepared myself for the worst, and thankfully, it’s never come to that. I’ve had bad experiences while travelling, but the good experiences have overshadowed them. I remember once when I went to Las Vegas in 2013, I got to ride a roller coaster after seven years of being disabled! The entrance to the ride wasn’t accessible, and I had to be lifted up to the coaster, but the adrenaline rush was worth it! The satisfaction of doing something that I hadn’t been able to do for seven years was overwhelming!

“Even travel within your own backyard gives you a different perspective”

It is experiences like these that make me want to travel. You can say that I have wanderlust, one of the most overused terms of 2017, but it’s apt in my case. Everyone should travel, no matter your limitations and travelling doesn’t mean you have to go abroad. You can travel within your city and get a feel for exploring in your backyard itself. Then take bigger steps to explore your country. It doesn’t matter where you go, you’ll gain a different perspective.

The last thing I have to say is, make this your motto in life: EAT – TRAVEL – SLEEP – REPEAT!

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Virali Modi

I’m a motivational speaker, writer, model, aspiring actress, and a disability rights advocate with a witty personality and an undying love for elephants. I also forgot to mention, I’m disabled, like that really matters.

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  1. BS Kumpawat
    March 07, 08:53 BS Kumpawat

    Nicely turned the life. Bravo

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  2. Kathir
    April 04, 06:39 Kathir

    Such an impressive example for all others

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  3. Raju
    April 23, 11:30 Raju

    Hi, feel great about what you are up to, I am also disabled, enjoy what all you can.

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