Love Over the Airwaves

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Who doesn’t enjoy a cute love story? We at Enable Travel are elated to share and be a part of this fairy tale coming to life. Here’s our travel enthusiast Shama narrating her wonderful encounter with inevitable lovers Danish and Shilpa.

‘When there is compatibility between two people, there are no boundaries, only love’. These words hold true for visually impaired couple Danish and Shilpa, a beautiful love story, stretching from Pathankot to Delhi!

Meet Danish and Shilpa, who are soon to tie the knot!

Danish, the dapper General Secretary and host for Radio Udaan, India’s only FM Radio channel for the vision impaired and disabled communities, a stage actor, a man of the world. Shilpa, a shy young lady, blessed to be a part of a loving, caring and protective family, who never allowed her impairment to impede her in anyway. They both had dreams, of falling in love, getting married and sharing a beautiful, empathic life together. Danish has been blind from the age of 14 and unlike most of his peers, he was always sure of one thing, he wanted to marry within the vision impaired community only.

Shilpa’s retinopathy set in when she was 20, a shock which made her very unhappy and she refused to venture out of her home, cutting herself off from society. A family friend recommended her to join Preeti Monga’s Shiksha for ladies. After the initial refusal, she soon became a regular attendee; slowly blossoming into the positive, outgoing and bubbly young lady she is today!

“I used to listen to Danish’s program on Radio Udaan daily, so knew of Danish much before he knew of me” says Shilpa shyly. Whereas Danish had watched a video of Shilpa’s dream journey to the Taj Mahal, published by Enable Travel, India’s Premier Accessible Holiday Specialist; and loved her bubbly energy. Both were known to our travel enthusiast Preeti Monga, who decided to play cupid, and suggested a meeting next time Danish visited Delhi.

As is tradition in arranged marriages, the bride and groom met at a restaurant with their close families. “We barely got 10 minutes seated at a separate table, for getting to know each other, but I had known that Shilpa was my dream girl much before we met” says Danish smiling. “After the initial excitement of meeting Danish, the reality of living so far away from my family sank in, and I decided to stop communicating with Danish” says Shilpa.

But like all fairy tales, love conquered all, and the date for Danish and Shilpa’s wedding is fixed for the 13th of December, and they are off to Bali for their honeymoon soon after!

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Shama Noorani

Passionate about accessible travelling for all. Shama Noorani strongly believes that 'There ain't no mountain high enough. There is always a way , never give up, believe in yourself and make your dream a reality'.

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