Travel Groups For Senior Citizens Are Always A Good Idea!

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Several years of hustle, hard work, incredible rewards and life-lessons – it’s been quite a fulfilling journey. Life after retirement is a chance at exploring the world with a brand new perspective. Long gone are the days of waiting for the right moment to live your adventure. Bring out the travel brochures you have been saving for decades and reignite your hope for the vacation of your dreams! Here in the calmness after the chaos; this is where life begins once again. There are quite a few ways to make your vacation way less stressful and way more delightful, one of them being travel groups for senior citizens.

travel groups for senior citizens

There is nothing better than a heart full of laughter and a chance to travel the world

Why Are Travel Groups For Senior Citizens The Way To Go?

Travelling in itself offers many an opportunity to learn, explore and grow as an individual. Exposed to all things bright and wonderful, an adventure outdoor is the best thing for one’s physical and mental well-being. The absolute highlight of travel groups for senior citizens is the relationships you build while you are on your journey. Group travel is a great way to not only get to know new people but enhance your entire travel experience. A hearty laugh, shared appreciation for a meal and many stories from a life well-lived – there is no room for loneliness or boredom when it comes to traveling together with like-minded individuals.

We do understand that one of the most difficult parts about going on a vacation is the planning. There are just too many options and it is time consuming to look for the best deals and activities in the preferred destination. With Enable Travel’s senior citizens group tours, you don’t have to worry about this step at all. From destinations to accommodation to curating the best to-dos, the activities within the travel groups are pre-planned keeping health, relaxation and adventure in mind.

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Enable Travel is perfect when it comes to the most rewarding senior citizens’ travel groups. Each itinerary and group is thoughtfully planned, organized and managed for a breezy and stress-free holiday. Enable Travel offers special equipment, skilled guides, empathetic travel assistance for seniors and is inclusive of all their traveller’s accessibility needs. From making your convenience a priority to making mindful changes to a travel plan according to your personal needs, Enable Travel makes sure you are comfortable in a new place. These customised tours are a great way to make new connections and wonderful friendships through a shared travel experience.

To make things even more exciting and easier, here are some of the best destinations for senior citizens travel groups:

A Mughal Tour – New Delhi, Mathura, Agra

travel-groups-for-senior-citizens: f India and its ancient history

Wander around the old monuments, taking in the essence of India and its ancient history

A maze of bustling bazaars, historic monuments and contrasting skyscrapers in Delhi; the soothing aura of the holy and heritage sites in Mathura and the twinkling glow of the ancient architecture and friendly locals in Agra – A Mughal tour is a wonderful way to get to know and learn the intricacies of Indian history and culture. Accompanied by sweet laughter, discussions and relaxing strolls on a group excursion, this travel experience is pure magic hiding in the ordinary.

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An Awe-Inspiring Trip to Srinagar

Let the breezes of Srinagar fill your heart with positivity and a newfound love for life

Let the breezes of Srinagar fill your heart with positivity and a newfound love for life

One of the greatest things about Srinagar is that it is the perfect mélange of adventure and leisure. The landscape is surrounded by the breathtaking view of the mighty Himalayas and you can almost feel how crisp and clean the air is as you take in a deep breath. Walk along Nishat Bagh with a serene view of the Dal Lake and have yourself an amazing time lazing around beautiful manicured lawns and taking photographs next to the fountains at the Shalimar Gardens. Even a mundane moment of having a cup of morning chai at the balcony is an extraordinary experience with the views of Srinagar! Enable Travel offers perfect travel assistance for seniors if you are in for adventure sports.


Explore the Treasures of Aurangabad

travel groups for senior citizens: Age-old architecture in Aurangabad will pique your curiosity

Age-old architecture in Aurangabad will pique your curiosity

Made of mosaic memories, historical landmarks and an inexplicable magical vibe, Aurangabad is a traveller’s dream. If you appreciate art, creativity and fascinating facts about historical events, this mesmerizing city will make your eyes gleam with awe and excitement. Visit the Ellora Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to witness the carved caves and illustrations from centuries ago. Witness the endangered species at the Siddharth Garden and Zoo, and marvel at the Bibi Ka Maqbara, a white marble monument built in the 16th century. The Maharashtrian meals here are exceptionally homely and delicious, only made better with lively company.


A Soulful Experience at Haridwar

Travel groups for senior citizens: Close your eyes and let the Universe sing to you in magical Haridwar

Close your eyes and let the Universe sing to you in magical Haridwar

If your heart lies in spirituality and the holy Haridwar – The Gateway of Gods is the ideal travel destination for you. The air in Haridwar has a divine quality that makes one’s heart full of gratitude and hopefulness. Dress in your warmest clothes and make your way to the top of the Shivalik Hills to the Mansa Devi Temple and visit the one-of-a-kind Bharat Mata Temple which celebrates Mother India. Time in Haridwar offers many a moment of self reflection that are truly moving and cathartic.


Ultimate Tranquility at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Ponder over the great things in life lounging in a hammock at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Ponder over the great things in life lounging in a hammock at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Nothing says relaxation like lying down under the shade of a palm tree on an island! With its deep blue seas and incredible hospitality, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands really turn up the vacation-mode. Treat yourself to a glass-bottom boat ride at the Jolly Buoy Island to take a close look at the swaying coral reefs and the vibrant marine life. Make the most of some of Asia’s best beaches here, enjoy the tropical, fresh food and take in all the tranquility and serenity. There is only one thing on the agenda here: Relax!


Travelling is the ultimate joy and shared experiences with travel groups for senior citizens only make it so much more exciting. Life is full of possibilities and you are just getting started!

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